is a place on the internet reserved for larger scale higher resolution artistic and historic photography geared for broadband internet users using such connections as DSL/T1/Cable. Because of the large file sizes this website is not recommended for dial up connections.

The images are best viewed on professional LCD and CRT moniters such as 20", 23" & 30" LCD Apple Displays, and Formac 17" and 20" LCD Displays set to a minimum display size of 1280x1040.

The site is best viewed using the Apple Safari web brower on the Apple system. Note that the entire photograph and all caption information is displayed. (screen shot taken from a Formac 20" LCD)

Click on the above page to view it in the browswer you are using to see the difference.

For information on downloading the Safari Web browser (for Apple users using Jaguar 10.2 operating system only), please click here.

Images may appear dark or degraded on some PC machines running Windows 95/98/2000 or XP with older CRT moniters.

Do NOT use AOL to view this website

Because America Online web browsers severely degrade images to shorten download times on its dial up service, AOL browsers should be avoided in viewing this website. If an AOL connection must be used, please reset the AOL preferences on browsing the internet to load images at high quality, failure to change this preference on AOL will result in images that are blurry and of poor quality.

Netscape...not recommended as type may appear to small to read.

Images on this website were made using a Apple Macintosh G4 using a Formac 20" LCD Moniter set to the Apple Color Gamma, and are best viewed on a color correct CRT or LCD moniter such as Formac or Apple.

If you would like further information on technical matters please email Your comments are very welcome and encouraged. Thanks!

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