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A note on copyright:

Photographs displayed on this website are under copyright protection and not may be reused for any purpose without my express written consent or where listed as where protected by copyright of the original photographer where that is specifically listed.

Most of the photography on the "left" two columns is by myself except as noted where I have listed appropriate copyright notification for other photographers.

Copyright concerning the "roster" shots:

These are slides I purchased years ago (prior to 1992) and are listed by photographer where such information is available on the slide mount. I have not and do not use ANY slides that are marked COPYRIGHT. I always list the photographer and whatever information is written or stamped on each slide.

I think it is extremely important that the original photographer is given photographic credit for their work.

I am deeply greatful to so many photographers, I can't list names as I'd have to go thru and list every photographer. Someday I will do that! You will see many of the same photographers listed on many railroads. I purchased these slides directly from this photographer over time. Many of the photographers you see listed have sold me slides that are not marked copyright but later started marking their slides as copyright, I have only uses the slides that are NOT marked copyright. I absolutely respect the right of the original photographer in that matter and will not use any copyrighted material on this website except where I have the explicit permission of the photographer to do so, and when I do that you will see that listed.

Why am I going into all of this? well I wanted to list it somewhere on the website so that if it is your work and you see it here I want you to know that I have listed every photographer's name that is on each slide by each image. Unfortunately many many many slides do not list any photographer so we will never know who took the images unfortunately.

If you see your work on the website I would LOVE to hear from you and get more of a story on the image you photographed to post by your image here on the site!

This site is not for profit. There are no banner ads of ANY type, no pop up ads, so if you are seeing those it is NOT from my site but from spyware from the windows operating system (I would never recommend using Windows for viewing this site but recognize that many do so, however thats another topic discussed elsewhere. I have refrained from linking to any commercial site other than occasionally a historical society but I guess even those are non-profit?

If you see your work here and do not wish it to be shown, by all means let me know by the email link below, and I will of course remove the work from the website.

Occasionally someone asks to take these photos on this website and display them on their own. I would prefer you just offer a link to this website from your appropriate page just because of copyright issues.

Copyright Z 2005 John Rust, All Rights Reserved. Absolutely no reproduction or useage of this photograph without the express written consent of the photographer.