California Roadtrip 2005
2005, John Rust, All Rights Reserved

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Bedford, Indiana. 3/15/05 The rail line going north here (abandoned) is the former Monon mainline. CSX management cut the line just north of here to north of Bloomington, Indiana in an attempt to sever the Monon and kill off remaining traffic. However the Milwaukee Road (now Canadian Pacific) operates over the southern portion of the Monon from Bedford to Louisville, Kentucky so at least the southern portion of the Monon is safe for now. During my college years in the late 1980's and early 1990's I photographed many a train on the Monon between Bedford and Bloomington, however that line is now long gone, being converted into a trail.

The tracks remain here to possibly serve local industry, although judging from the tree growth that service appears unlikely to ever return.